Thursday, 12 April 2012

If I were a Billionaire

If I were a billionaire I think I would definitely have my own private jet.

This is the lifestyle I aim to achieve. Realistic? Maybe not. But everyone can dream.

The question is, where would I take my jet to? Maybe just around the world for no other reason than because I can.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Online Booking Can be Annoying

I just I thought I'd share this thought with everyone.

I wont name names, but a particular flight company I was making a booking with earlier has an awful website. They just keep adding extra fees, trying to force insurance and care hire on you, and generally the process of booking is just poor.

I guess that's what you get for booking cheap.These budget airlines are still worth it though I guess, considering the money you can save.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Air Canada: Favourite Commercial Airline (so far)

I love to fly, and I can't personally afford a private jet. So I fly commercial, and the best flight I have experienced so far is with Air Canada from London Heathrow to Calgary (Canada).

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep myself entertained for such a long flight, and that the views out the window would be boring (I always have to have a window seat) - what's the point in flying if you don't get to have the view?

In the end however, it turned out to be a really nice experience. The in-flight movies were great, the food was good enough, and most importantly there were great views out the window.

Well, most of the time the views were just of sea or clouds. But at one point we flew over what I guessed must have been Greenland. There were snowy mountains as far as I could see, It was beautiful.

It's a shame the flight home wasn't as nice. Bad turbulence and a baby crying all night - oh well. Still a great airline overall in my opinion.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Magnificent service with a jet private charter

One of the most important aspects while discussing about flight on a jet private charter is the factor of convenience. This convenience factor is not only related to the flight but with the complete process from beginning to finish which makes the experience worthwhile and special. You experience this instantly after talking to the broker to set up a flight. No shortcuts are used and everything is planned as per your requirements and that caters to your needs. They will provide a satisfying package by keeping in mind your needs and requirements and it completely heads above your expectations from any commercial airlines.

This is exactly what they are providing. This of course is not cheap but if you are using the jet private charter quiet often you will definitely realize how essential using it is. There are certain aspects, which makes flying on a jet private charter better than anything about the commercial airlines. The convenience and the comfort they provide from boarding the flight and reaching your destination without any hassles and wastage of time is a worthwhile experience. 

The time you waste in the airport, think about that time and how you could use that time in more productive way if you had that extra three or four hours. You could accomplish some important work instead of wasting time there standing in the line. There are several reasons for using a jet private charter for your flight but these particularly are the ones that will keep you using the service time and again.